Confident RFCs

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Make more confident technical decisions with the Confident Technology RFCs template for Notion.


  • Reach consensus faster and more effectively
  • Build a more inclusive team
  • Level-up skills and confidence
  • Write better documentation

What's included

  • RFC template
  • RFC Dashboard
  • Guide to Good RFCs
  • Guide to the RFC Process
    How to use the RFC process to help your team be more confident in their decision-making without getting bogged down.
  • Lifetime updates
    You get access to any updates I make as long as the product exists.
  • Email support

About the author

I've been a full-stack web application engineer for over 20 years. I love digital transformation projects: those inflection points where a team realizes the technology or architecture they've been using won't get them to their next goals. I've used this RFC framework successfully with 3 teams as well as for my own software consulting agency.

These days I mostly work in TypeScript and Ruby. You can see my résumé for the full details on languages, frameworks, and industries.


If your team doesn't use Notion, or if you want something free, try Markdown Any Decision Records.

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Confident RFCs

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